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The Graves AOC stretches over 60kms along the left bank of the river Garonne up to Langon. The Graves vineyard is bordered to the South-West by the Landes forest. This ideal location offers the vines protection both from the bad weather, thanks to the Landes forest, and from drought thanks to the Garonne. The Graves vines grow on a long gravelly band of pebbles, clay and starfish limestone. The soil of this AOC, which is typical of the Bordeaux region, is so renowned that it is the only one to have given its name to an appellation.

Grape varieties:
51 % Merlot
49 % Cabernet Sauvignon

Harvesting dates:
Merlot: September 22nd to 25th
Cabernet Sauvignon: October 4th to 9th

Aging in French oak barrels:
30 % new barrels
36 % one-year-old barrels
34 % two-year-old barrels

A lot of fruit, strength, balance and a beautiful structure. This wine is crisp and fresh.