The Vignalta wines the result of dedication, expertise and passion, paired with an incredible natural environment: the Euganean Hills. The mineral-rich soil of volcanic origin, together with a mild climate with marked differences between day and night-time temperatures produce extraordinary grapes. 

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La Spinona

Barbaresco wine is a family affair at La Spinona. From the grandfather Pietro, to his son Gualtiero and then his grandson Pietropaolo: for decades, the Berutti family have believed in the land on the hills of the municipality of Barbaresco, a place dedicated to the production of great wines.

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Josetta Saffrio

Sara Vezza, 5th generation winemaker, firmly believes that Barolo is Wine of Kings and King of Wines. Josetta Saffirio is a house of pioneers, blending modern & traditional viticulture practices to create a quality wine that respects the land it’s cultivated on.

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Solea Wine

1512 11th Ave Ste. B

Seattle, Washington 98122

(206) 763-2545

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